the mind of an 8 month old

I love watching my youngest daughter think.  She is like most 8 month old very curious about the world around her and loves to explore.  Earlier both girls went a little quiet and I discovered that they had helped them selves to not a piece of the chocolate cake but to the whole tub

cake all goneeating chocolate cake

My youngest found the empty container so interesting.  The noise it made and the texture.  How it rattled with empty crumbs and how she could open it up.

She has learnt to smack her lips together almost as if kissing but she does it when there is something she really wants to eat.  So as she and her sister ate the chocolate cake I could hear lots of lip smacking going off, I knew she was enjoying herself.

Whilst getting the girls ready I heard some rather strange noises coming from my youngest and watching what she was doing made me really laugh.  I tried to video but when she sees me she says 'mama' right at the end. She was doing this for over 30 minutes and it had me in stitches.

The decisions she makes and her whole thought process is amazing.  I love how she now responds to How big by lifting her arms up high.  If she doesn't want to do something or you are doing the wrong thing she smacks her hands down and if she loves something she smacks her lips together.  The mind of an 8 month old is truly fascinating.

This day I love the mind of an 8 month old.

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  1. Haha love it! My son STILL does that and he's 3!!

    1. Its funny though, I dont know why she started doing it

  2. That's soo cute! Z never did the lip smacking thing, he used to open and close his hands really quickly like gimme gimme!

  3. aww they are so so cute and i love the video!! it made me chuckle too!

  4. The best thing is when they realise that they are having an effect on you - priceless!


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