Pirate masks and walkers

My youngest daughter has now started to use her push along walker.  She previously would pull to standing with it and push it, then maybe take one or two steps.  Today she started to walk with it.  This is a huge milestone for her and I cannot believe how much she is growing up.  It is flying by so quick.

big girl walking

My eldest and I made pirate masks today, as she has a real fascination with pirates and pirate treasure at the moment.  The other day whilst shopping in the supermarket I went to pay to discover that she had taken all my money out of my purse and replaced it with her pirate treasure, funny yes but not great for paying for food.

She loved playing pirates with her mask on and was so quick at running round in it that all the pictures I have are a bit blurry

pirate maskrunning pirate

We had loads of fun pretending to be pirates and looking for treasure.  I could not get the mask off her for her dinner and it was only when she needed to get her PJ on for bed that it came off.

This day I love Pirate masks and walkers.

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  1. What fun I love pirates did you know there is a speak like a pirate day


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