markets and outside

I am currently searching for some material to make a head board cover, as the girls have broken mine.  I thought it might be nice to take the girls to our local market to see if I could find some material there.  What's lovely is that our council provide free parking on a Saturday and Sunday in the town centre.  I took the girls to the town markets.

My eldest daughter kept asking ' Whats that noise Mummy' as she listened to the market sellers calling.  She kept looking round at all the different stalls and listening to the different sounds.  My youngest was fascinated too.


As the weather was nice today we spent the rest of the day playing out in the garden

brum brumto the top

fetch the ball

slidenew teething toy

Was really lovely watching my eldest play outside and my youngest started to explore the garden.  We had a lovely afternoon playing in the winter sun.

This day I love markets and outside

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  1. Another lovely day outside. It has been beautiful here too, happy guests arriving today. I do hope it lasts!

    1. I am glad I'm looking back through posts to see we have had some sun

  2. Looks like you made the best of that beautiful, sunny day! Love the looks of happiness on the girls' faces.

  3. finally a spot of sunshine! whoooo hoooo looks like you had fun


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