Mike the knights Castle, trains and the baby show

I was very kindly invited to the big reveal by tommee tippee.  For weeks I had wondered what they would be launching and it was a really lovely surprise to find out and be one of the firsts to see the new product in action.  The big reveal took place at the Baby show in London Excel arena.  This meant a very early start for us and a long journey to London.

The girls were not keen on me waking them up to get ready to leave the house.  My youngest was ever so confused by what was happening and really did not like the fact she had not had any breakfast before we put her in the car.  My eldest soon became very excited when I told her we would be going on a train.

We managed to get on the train and find our seat just as the train pulled out of the station.  We took our seats in first class, as it was cheaper to book first class than standard so I thought why not, and both girls got very excited.

train journey

The girls were incredible on the train and I was ever so proud of them.  We had our breakfast on the train which my eldest thought was amazing and my youngest was just glad to have some food.  My eldest loved the fact that there are toilets on a train and when she discovered this I then spent every 5 minutes getting up to take her.  

I did struggle a little with the tube.  Kings cross station was fine as there was a lift straight to the platform, when we got off the tube at tower hill, no lift and no assistance, just a huge flight of concrete steps.  Luckily for me a lovely passenger helped me carry the stroller up the stairs.  My eldest loved it, two trains in one day and she got to see, in her words, Mike the Knights castle.  I was not too sure Mike the Knight lived in the Tower of London but just agreed.

tower of London

We then boarded the DLR, this to a two year old who loves trains is like heaven.  We sat at the back and she looked out the window watching the train lines and other trains go passed.  She got so fascinated by it that we almost missed our stop.

train line

Next up the baby show.  

The baby show is a great experience for all those who are expecting children or who have young children or babies.  I think this is either my third or forth show, I enjoy going to see all the new products or to catch up with all those wonderful companies I talk to on line or have used their products for what is almost 3 years.  I wanted to try and talk to as many as possible but unfortunately in the time I had available I was only able to speak to some and not all.  You can read my highlights here.

After a wonderful day at the baby show it was time to make our way back home.  My eldest could not believe her luck that she once again got to ride on more trains.  Every time we got in a lift she would say 'doors closing' and out the lift 'doors opening', and on the tube she kept saying 'This is a big tunnel Mummy' which made the other passengers smile. My youngest was happy as she had a biscuit whilst riding the underground


It was a really long day for the girls and I was surprised that only one of them fell asleep on the way home

asleep on train

This day I love Mike the Knights castle, trains and the baby show.

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  1. I love the excitement! Wish my little guy loved them so much but we are still in the bribing with biscuits stage. Glad you had such a good day x


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