that's my hero competition

I saw a competition on Tots100 called 'That's my hero', the competition is run in conjunction with Moneysupermarket.  I have read and read the competition as I really wanted to enter but was worried my 2 year old would not understand what a hero was.  

I sat down with her and asked her to draw me her hero.  She looked at me confused and so I said ' draw me something you love and would like to be'.  

drawing her hero

I thought I was going to get a picture of either Sulley from Monsters Inc, Nemo from Finding Nemo or her Grandma.  Instead I was rather surprised by what she drew, and for that matter impressed


This is 'Galahad' Mike the Knights horse.  I love that she has clearly drawn a head and body and legs.  The horse is smiling and she has drawn a seat on its back for Mike to sit on, that is those two sticking up lines.
mike the knight

This is Mike the Knight.  She has drawn his eyes and you cannot see his face she said because of his helmet.  She also showed me she had drawn his sword [the cross type shape near the red line]

Finally this is Sparkie Mikes dragon.  She calls him his dinosaur but I guess to a 2 year old its the same thing.   Anyway she says he has fire coming from his mouth, and lots of spikes and a wing.

When I said to her who is your hero, she looked at me and said 'Mike the Knight'.  I told her that was really lovely, and was it because he was brave and kind.  She said 'no' so I asked her why she had chosen 'Mike the Knight' to be her hero and her reply was ' Because he has a horse AND a dinosaur Mummy'. 

This post is an entry into the Tots100 MoneySupermarket That’s My Hero competition“. 

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  1. Such cute drawings!

    Stopped by from the link up.

    Happy Valentine's Day!!


  2. Ah, that is so lovely! Bud loves Mike the Knight too and he calls Sparky 'Sparkly'. So sweet. The drawings are great.

  3. Ha ha love the logic of how she chose him!! Great drawings she is very creative x

  4. Ha ha love the logic of how she chose him! Great drawings, she is very creative! X

  5. So cute. I'd like to save this kind of picture and show it to her when she grow up. Thanks for stopping by.


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