a water Easter egg hunt

My youngest had her swimming lesson today.  As it was the last lesson before the Easter holidays we had some fun.  The teacher had hidden various objects in the pool and around the sides, we had to go and hunt for Easter eggs.  

My daughter loved looking for the eggs, she soon discovered that the plastic eggs opened up and inside there was chocolate eggs.  Unlike the other babies in the class she knew exactly what they were and promptly tried to eat the chocolate eggs, which made the teacher and other Mums giggle.  As we swam round the pool she kept pointing and trying to get herself back over to the Easter eggs she had found.

She was so pleased as we were getting dressed that I let her have her eggs.

eating eggs

She was a little disappointed when they had finished and sat looking for more.  I can tell she enjoyed them by the mess she made

looking for more

I think Easter is going to be a lot of messy fun!

This day I love a water Easter Egg hunt

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  1. Such a cool idea!! She definitely looks like she enjoyed them :)

  2. What a lovely chocolate mess, much enjoyed I'll bet!

  3. awww bless her! I love the fact she knew outright what they were! lol

  4. Never thought of that before, but a water hunt sounds great. At least then the mess is all washed away!


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