Chocolate Innovation

Tots100 latest challenge in the competition to win a family holiday to Center Parcs is Chocolate innovation.  I used to love going to the sweet shop at Center Parcs and this challenge has brought back some wonderful memories.  

I asked my eldest daughter what comes out of an egg.  I expected the answer to be a chicken and so was going to make something with a chicken theme, instead her reply was 'a dinosaur'.  I did have to ask her several times to make sure I understood but her answer was a dinosaur.  For our 'Easter' themed chocolate innovation we have created a prehistoric pudding

First we made dirt


280ml whipping cream
120g chocolate
3 drops vanilla essence

Melt the chocolate.  


Mix vanilla essence and whipping cream together, until starts to thicken.  Try not to drink all the cream

mixdrink cream

Then mix in using a whisk the chocolate.  


Whip all the ingredients together and leave in fridge until ready to serve.  Lick the chocolate left over in the bowl

lick bowl

I made a jelly dinosaur using a dinosaur jelly mould before arranging them all to make a pudding.

prehistoric pudding

I added some dinosaur eggs and some marshmallows to represent rocks although my eldest thought it was snow.  I think its quite clever of her to say a dinosaur comes from an egg.  What is even more impressive is that over the Easter weekend 'Walking with dinosaurs' arena tour is on in a city near us, we may have to go and see the show. 


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  1. I was going to enter this with my Easter cakes but don't stand a chance now! That dinosaur is awesome!

    1. Thank you, thats ever so nice of you to say. I really want to see those Easter cakes, I bet they are fantastic

  2. That is so lovely!


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