Sausage rolls and Chocolate

The girls and I went to see Joanna Gray, who is the author of the Children's picture book the Little Raindrop, at a book signing today.  I will be writing my review on the little Raindrop shortly, along with an interview with Joanna.  

I think my eldest was feeling a little under the weather as she was rather quiet.  The shopping centre was packed full of people last minute shopping for Mothers Day.  It reminded me of Christmas as all the shops you would buy a 'traditional' Mothers Day present from had queues outside the shop to get in, yes it was that busy.  I am not sure if she was therefore feeling ill, or feeling a little scared by the noise and the amount of people.

I decided to distract the girls by giving them a sausage roll and some chocolate.  I thought they would therefore focus on this than the noise and people in the shopping centre.  The girls were thoroughly entertained and distraction seemed to be working.  The girls enjoyed the sausage roll, although when I looked most of it was in tiny pieces all over the pushchair and my daughter.  The chocolate however there was no trace of, well almost no trace of

chocolate chops

I think Joanna was a little shocked by the mess my two girls had made.  Whereas I look at it as the amount of fun my girls had and it also kept them happy without causing any harm, whilst we negotiated the last minute Mothers day shoppers.

This day I love Sausage rolls and Chocolate

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  1. They're always very popular in our house too. Sausages are off the menu currently because my son has given them up for lent. This is a bit of a pain in the neck as we have quite a few sausage recipes.


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