Mothers Day

Whilst some Mums had a lie in this Mothers Day, my girls loved me so much they wanted to spend all day with me and had me up at 6.30am.  Other Mums had breakfast in bed but I had breakfast with my girls as usual.  I even managed two wash loads and tidied up the downstairs.  A normal day, like any other Sunday except for one thing, I realised how lucky I am.

I am so lucky that I have my Mum.  That she is there for me when I need her, no questions asked.  Unconditional.  I am lucky that I have my girls and I am there for them, unconditional.  It doesn't matter if they have me up all night or if they scream at me all day because they are tired, I am lucky to have them.  I am lucky to be a Mum. 

I knew this before today of course, but on Mothers Day it made me stop and think, because there are those out there who never knew their Mum, who may have lost their Mum or those who so desperately want to be a Mum, that Mothers Day really made me realise I am truly very lucky.

Eldest and Daddyyoungest

This Day I love Mothers Day

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