Toys from the attic

I have toys which I grew up playing with that I could not part with, that I saved and put away in the attic.  Since the girls came along I have got these toys down again for them to play with.  My sister had done the same and one of my eldest favourite toys at the moment is one from my sister, its a troll with bright pink hair.  This troll goes everywhere.

me and my troll

We visited the girls Grandparents today who had got a box of toys down from the attic that belonged to my husband.  I am not sure who was more excited, the girls, their cousins or my husband

playing with toystoys from the attic

They all had lots of fun playing with these toys and I think it brought back some lovely memories for my husband who seemed very happy to see his toys again.

This day I love toys from the attic.  

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