you to the moon and back

Back in December my eldest daughter told her sister she loved her, it was the first time she had ever said I love you.  Today at 8.15pm she turned and looked at me and said ' I love you Mummy, to the moon and back'.  It is the first time she has said that to me.

me and my  girl

This day I love you to the moon and back

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  1. Ah I love this. We say that phrase every night. In fact I bought my husband a little match box with it in for Valentines. There's a photo of it in my sidebar under I Love Blogging - Tips! xx

    1. Thats really sweet. I say it to her every night and have done since she was born. I love it she said it back

  2. this is lovely, i so cant wait for Joshua to say this to me. thanks for linking up with magic moments x

  3. Awww, bless.

    Eldest loves her mummy.

  4. How amazing it feels when they say those few words. H has says it v occasionally, one of those times being yesterday, makes your heart swell x


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