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BFGraphics are a company based in North Lanarkshire who produce a wide range of wall art stickers, vehicle graphics, shop signs, printed ceramics and customised heat transfers and Vinyl products.  They are a company that has grown from a hobby and word of mouth recommendations.  

They very kindly sent me one of their wall art stickers to review.   The sticker was one large single piece, which was great as there was therefore no fiddly assembly pieces to add later.  As standard the wall art comes in the large size.  There is no background or clear film to the sticker either which means it looks as though drawn straight onto the wall.

The assembly onto the wall, or other flat clean surface, is very straight forward.  Apply sticker to wall with masking tape.  This allows you to asses where you want the sticker positioned.   Peel away the backing paper, then smooth the design onto the wall.  Finally slowly peel back the application tape, ensuring all parts of the sticker are stuck in place.  

I have to be honest I did struggle with this a little as the sticker was large and I am quite small I found it a little tricky and would therefore be better to have had help.  As a result I did not get a smooth finish as part of the sticker lifted and other parts tore slightly.  This I do believe was simply because I needed help to apply the sticker and then this would not have happened.

As a result though I am able to say that the sticker can be removed off the wall very easily should you ever wish to redecorate.  In my case no paint was removed from the wall when I moved the sticker.

wall art

I do like wall art stickers as I feel that they can add something extra to a room without the need to fully redecorate.  I would not hesitate to use BFGraphics again.  

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