I was sent a very intriguing tweet recently which I had to check out. is free to join and is a new trading website for parents.  Trades take place in tokens, which means it is safer than using money.  I have handed down items to my youngest daughter from my eldest and we have handed items around the family through nieces and nephews but at some point there is no more hand me down.  These items are still in really good condition and some clothes only worn a few times.  Some items may not sell on auction sites or go for a lot less than you would like.  A trading site seems such a great idea.

I love that this site can help those who are looking for baby items.  In order for it to work though it needs people to add items to the site.  It was started late last year and so is still relatively new but I am hoping that if word spreads this will be a great site from a great idea.  I love the idea of saving some money and trading something I no longer need for something I do.  Please help me to spread the word of

*Other than tweeting with on twitter I have had no other connection or contact with them, I have not been provided with any monetary compensation for this post and I was not asked to write it.  This is just my honest opinion and my way of trying to help out with something which I truly believe is a great idea.

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  1. Sounds great :) I rarely buy anything brand new so this sounds like my sort of thing, I'm going to have a look!

    1. If you upload an item you are in the competition to win an iPhone5


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