Meet the veggies

Once a fortnight we have a fruit and vegetable box delivered.  I love having this box delivered as I always let my eldest open the box to find out what we have.  It often gives me a chance to think of new ways to cook and it gives us as a family ways to try new fruits and vegetables.  My eldest loves to try and name the contents of the box, which is a great way to introduce children to fruit and vegetables.

The girls were very excited to open this weeks box

open the box

And promptly began testing all the items



My eldest took out all the carrots and told me the carrots were for the bunny rabbit.  We don't have a rabbit so I asked her which rabbit, she replied 'So I can have more chocolate Mummy'  she meant the Easter Bunny.  My youngest loved exploring all the different colours and textures.  She also sampled all the fruit and vegetables as they all have little teeth marks in.  

I love that the girls are exploring fresh fruit and vegetables and at a young age recognise many different varieties

This day I love Meet the veggies

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