Review : Underneath by Michael Cargill

When I started this book I began wondering were the book would go.  It did start a little slow, but not so much that I became uninterested.  In fact I was interested all the way through.  I was curious as to where the book would lead and what would happen.  I became fascinated with the lead character Hugh, I wanted to know more about why he called everyone slugs, his character really grabbed my attention.

Hugh's character becomes more and more intriguing as the book progresses and the pace of the book started picking up, with me reading faster and faster.  When Hugh meets Abigail I wanted to see how their relationship would unfold.  I really liked the way that the characters in the book are in some way interlinked.  How their paths have crossed before without them realising it.

Although the book started a little slow, I soon saw myself unable to put the book down.  The pace of the book picked up and I just wanted to keep reading.  I found this a really great read, one with suspense and drama and at times chilling.  I don't think I can ever look at a person taking a photo of a squirrel again without getting a little worried.


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  1. Top, top review there, Leyla! I actually read it when I was down the gym, and your complimentary words gave me an extra bit of oomph.

    Incidentally, I Googled my name on Google images yesterday. I noticed three things in particular:

    - Pictures of my bald head and mad, staring eyes.
    - Pictures of a particular black man in Texas. He shares my name, and is the reason why my site gets hits from people searching for "Michael Cargill gun instructor"
    - A larger version of the profile pic you use on Twitter.

    Weird, eh?

    1. Ok that is really weird. I got my husband to google and he thought the same! Wonder why that is?

      Glad I could help with the gym.

      Looking forward to reading Jake now.


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