a mile in memory

At the start of February this year, a little girl only a day older than my youngest daughter went to sleep and never woke up.  I remember seeing the tweet from her Mum and although we had never met, I followed her blog and felt I knew her, and her family.  I was deeply shocked and saddened.  The news was so much for me that I went into panic mode, unable to put my youngest down, removing every thing from her cot, not actually realising that whatever I did, cot death, or Sudden Infant Death syndrome, was just that, sudden and without warning.  Nothing would prevent it from happening, yes I could reduce the risk factor but if it was going to happen it would and this very knowledge scared me.

I wanted to help but did not know what to do or how I could help.  This little baby has never left my thoughts from that tweet.  I heard about the mile in memory walk and I wanted to go.  Its a walk to remember those you have lost.  It also raises awareness of the lullaby trust, previously known as FSID, and the amazing work they do.  I managed to find a walk very close to us which had been organised by the very lovely Nicola at Alexanders Charity Ball, who herself suffered the tragic loss of her son Alexander at 17 months old.  

a mile in memory

The turn out for the walk was absolutely amazing.  We had arrived a little late but continued on our own mile in memory walk catching up with the group at the end.  The girls enjoyed looking at the lovely views and my eldest had the chance to look inside a tree, she wanted to find a birds nest.  My Mum told me she had seen it on tv.

inside a tree

We continued walking and could see the group in the distance


When we caught up we were greeted by Nicola who gave the girls some bubbles.  There was a bubble machine too and the wind was just right to catch them and blow lots of bubbles around the park.  I wish my camera was better to pick up all the bubbles there were, it was truly beautiful

catching bubbleblowing bubbles

Some of the group were staying for a picnic but unfortunately we had to leave as the girls have swimming lessons.  I hope that next year we will be able to stay for the picnic afterwards as it was a beautiful day and a lovely way to remember those you have lost and to raise awareness for the lullaby trust.  If you wish to donate money to the lullaby trust please click here.

This evening whilst the girls were playing in the garden

playing in garden

I spotted the first bluebell


A beautiful end to the day

This day I love a mile in memory

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  1. What a lovely blog - the walk sounds like a really special event. I'll look out for the details next year.

  2. Sounds like this walk was amazing too!! Wish I could have been at all of them. Thank you for blowing bubble kisses to Baby Tilda in the sky x

  3. what a lovely day you had and such a great way to remeber and raise awareness x

  4. Sounds like you all had a very special day in honour of some very special children.

  5. Such a lovely walk to have done, I love that they were going on all around the place. At first I assumed there was just one. A great way to get out for a walk and do a little good too. Thank you for sharing on Country Kids.

  6. Sounds like a beautiful day and it was so nice to know everyone was walking together all over the country x

  7. A very special day and a lovely thing to do! x


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