Mexican hats for Cinco de Mayo

Its almost time for the Mexican Cinco de Mayo celebrations and Discovery set us a challenge to help celebrate the taste of Mexico.

goody bag

We dived inside our Mexican goody bag to Discover

The Perfect Fajita Kit 
Cajun Chicken Mix
Soured cream Garlic and Herb

yummy Mexican selection

All very yummy!  So the first thing we did was to cook the perfect Fajita Kit.  We followed the instructions on the box, cooking chicken, pepper and onion and sat down to enjoy our perfect fajitas


The thing I really enjoy about Mexican food and in particular Fajita is that it gets the family talking, or at least it does at our table.  Its about sharing and passing the food around, helping each other make the fajita and having a good giggle if it all falls out the end.  The seasoning was just right for me it wasn't too hot, and it was also great to finally see a fajita mix that did not clump together in the pan when cooking.  The garlic and herb soured cream was a great way to cool things down.  My youngest really enjoyed it spread onto the fajita bread, as it tasted like the garlic and herb butter dips you often find with dough balls.  

enjoy fajita

I made us a non alcoholic Latin limeade to go with our dinners.  It was incredibly easy to do:

1 cup lime juice - I squeezed 4 and half limes
4 cups crushed ice
4 tbsp dark brown sugar
2 cups cold water

Mix everything together.  We found the limeade was really refreshing and went really well with our dinner.

For another dinner I made Mexican hats.  The girls really loved these they thought they were very funny.

How to make a Mexican hat

1. Follow the directions on the Cajun Chicken cooking sauce from Discovery
2. Heat up wrap from discovery according to instructions.
3. Place a spoonful of chicken into the middle of the wrap

chicken and wrap

4. Cut a wrap in half, use one half to wrap around the chicken creating the centre part of the hat

taking shape

5. Heat up the salsa and mix with a can of chopped tomatoes
6. Place salsa/tomato mix round the base of the hat

red stripe

7.  Add garlic and herb soured cream from discovery onto the salsa to create a red/white stripe 


8. Add Pepper and any other veg you like to add colour to the hat, I thought about adding grated cheese but I had none in 


9. Heat in oven at 190c for 5 - 10 mins
10.  Serve and enjoy

enjoying dinneryummy

We had a lot of fun making our Mexican hats.  The girls got involved making there own hats too before tucking in and enjoying their creation.  The Cajun chicken was a little hotter that I was expecting but it was still very tasty, luckily the soured cream garlic and herb was available to help cool things down.

Enjoy the fabulous Mexican Cinco de Mayo celebrations this weekend!

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