Review : Walkers Hoops and Crosses

The girls love to have a snack and watch their favourite films.  I often worry though that the things they snack on are very unhealthy for them.  Whilst I try to give them fruit, they often want crisps and chocolate.  Walkers new Hoops and Crosses are made from Whole grain and contain no artificial colours and no preservatives.  They also have only 85 calories per bag, fantastic! 

hoops and crosses

We were sent Roast beef flavour for review but they also come in Salt and vinegar and prawn cocktail  all flavours are suitable for vegetarians.  Not normally a roast beef flavoured crisp fan I was a bit worried but I really enjoyed the taste, as did the girls

another oneeating them up

helping themselveschecking out the shape

munch munch

The size of the crisp packet appears smaller than normal packets, but this makes it a great size to fit in lunch boxes.  I will be having a packet in my glove box in the car ready for when the girls or myself are hungry after a long day.  They are also a great size to fit into handbags too!  The size of the crisps are great for little hands to pick up.  My youngest at 1 year old had no problems and kept helping herself.

hoops and crosses

I think these maybe on our shopping list as both girls thoroughly enjoyed them as did I.  These are a perfect treat for all little monkeys


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