a mini adventure

My Mum very kindly had the girls last night and today whilst I was at work.  One of the lovely thing about having her close is that on sunny days like today I can walk to pick up the girls

the girls

My eldest fell asleep but my youngest wanted to get out and explore.  

Off she went


I followed her to make sure she was ok, but left her to it in order to encourage her independence and self discovery


She knew exactly where she wanted to go and went on her own mini adventure to the swings, where she stopped, turned to look at me and then pointed at the swings and lifted up her arms.


She was ever so happy in her swing and spent the evening before dinner in them.  I love that she knew exactly what she wanted and how to get to the swings herself.

This day I love a mini adventure

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  1. I'm glad you had a bit of a break and hope you managed to get some rest x

  2. Isn't it wonderful watching them discover things for themselves, it's such an exciting time for her and for you x

  3. mini adventures look fun :)

  4. I love it when they head off on their own exploring, it's so lovely to see their confidence growing!

  5. ah so lovely to see little toddlers out in the sunshine. Love the pic on the swing.

  6. Amazing how early they form such clear ideas of what they do and don't want to do! She is clearly a girl who knows her mind. A delightful mini adventure. Thank you for joining me on Country Kids.

  7. mini adventures are so much fun because they are unplanned and spur of the moment .she is loving that swing x

  8. Sounds like the perfect mini adventure!!


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