a weekend of partying

We have had a lovely weekend full of birthday parties.  Rather than write two seperate posts for each I thought I would combine into one.  

Our first party saw us travel all the way over the Pennines to visit Lisa from Hollybobbs and her family, to celebrate baby J first birthday.  My eldest was very excited to see H again and all the way there kept asking when she could play with H.  When my eldest had got over her shyness she soon started playing

playing with H

The girls loved playing with the sand pit

playing sand

Before my youngest decided she was hungry and began eating the sand

eating sand

After feeding the girls it was time for birthday cake, my youngest enjoyed it so much she tried to steal a bit more.

eating cakebit more cake

The girls had lots of fun playing on the bouncy castle 

getting on the bouncy castlebounce

There was only one thing left to do and that was to open presents, my youngest of course had to help

opening presents

The girls and I all had a wonderful day celebrating baby J turning 1.

Sunday was a party for my nephew.  We first said hello to Grandma and Granddad and my youngest would have sat on this chair next to her Granddad for the rest of the day if we had let her, she was ever so comfy.

just chilling

It was then time to head over to the soft play area.  As the play area had been hired for our private use for the birthday party my eldest went off to play with her cousins and my youngest had lots of fun with her Daddy in the ball pit and playing peek a boo with me.

booball pool fun

I did manage to catch one picture of my eldest before she promptly ran off to play


After an hour of playing it was time for birthday lunch and a much needed drink


The girls had a lovely day playing with their cousins.

It has been a lovely weekend with two fantastic birthdays.

This day I love a weekend of partying

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  1. Happy birthday to J - looks like a wonderful party. I love the pics of her eating cake :)

  2. Great pictures, looks like a brilliant weekend.

    Our little one went on a bouncy castle for the first time last weekend - Loves it!

  3. Aww great pics!! Looks like everyone had a brilliant time!!

  4. Looks like both parties were great fun! There is a mirror image of your youngest eating cake each day! Bless her. Thanks for linking up to PoCoLo x

  5. Looks like both parties were great fun. There's a mirror image of your youngest eating cake both days! Bless her. Thanks for linking to PoCoLo x

  6. Aw what brilliant photographs Leyla, it looks like a brilliant time was had by all and getting the chance to eat loads of cake can only be a good thing :)


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