a little company

I am away with work at the moment and staying in a hotel.  Upon my arrival I opened the window to let in some air, as its rather hot.  I turned my back to get my computer and I was then joined by a little friend

one pigeon
Who then promptly invited another

two pigeon

Now whilst I am a lover of animals and birds I was left in a rather sticky situation, do I leave the hotel room and run to reception.  Hoping that no more turn up and no presents are left?  Do I ring reception, which means turning my back on said visitors, or do I do nothing and hope they go away?

Well I turned to twitter, thank you to all who answered my cry for help.  One of my visitors decided they had had enough and when my phone made a 'tweet' noise the other promptly left too, upon which a nice man from reception came to shoo them away and fix the air con.  We shut the window but left slightly ajar with a very small gap and I let the man out.

I sat back down on the floor at my computer, when what should return?  Yes my visitors again.  

pigeon returns

Thanks once again to twitter they soon left me alone, although watching them squeeze out the gap was interesting.  The window is now firmly shut.  They are sat staring in at me and their numbers are growing.  I am tempted, like the lovely KeepupJonesFamily suggested, to recreated the scene from Evan Almighty, its a possibility the way things are going.  Thanks twitter for helping to scare away my visitors and for a little company in my time of need!

wanting to come back in

Wish me luck, I'm not sure I will be able to sleep tonight.

This day I love a little company

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  1. Cooo cooo! You realise that ONE Evan Almighty photo would boost you to superstardom?! Come on!

  2. Haha! I am not good with birds so this would be my worst nightmare! It's hilarious that they are just sat there watching... Waiting... Lol x

  3. A pigeon tried to get into our conservatory yesterday!

  4. OMG I would have totally freaked out!

  5. lol i would of had a complete meltdown!! lol x

  6. Eek atleast you noticed before it was poop central! x

  7. That is too funny - sorry I missed your tweets, not that I would have quite known what to suggest! Fearless pigeons :)

  8. Oh dear, those pigeons really know no fear! Maybe they should start getting guard cats in?!

  9. EEEK! I love animals and birds, but there's something a bit unsettling about wild birds indoors, you seem to have coped with it all very well!

  10. Cheeky buggers!

    Pigeons actually freak me out.


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