Review : Potter's Herbals New Relax

As a full time working Mum to two children under 3 I often find myself stressed.  These are just normal day to day stresses.  They include getting to nursery on time, making sure I hit deadlines and targets at work and general running of our home.  I am sure many of us feel the same.  

Potter's Herbals contacted me and asked if they could send me their NewRelax Herbal remedy for stress.  

Potter’s Herbals NewRelax contains hops, scullcap, vervain and valerian. Together these can provide symptomatic relief from tenseness, irritability or agitation caused by the stresses and strains of modern life:
·    Hops can act as a sedative, tranquilliser, hypnotic (induces sleep), tonic, diuretic, anodyne (soothes or relieves pain) and aromatic bitter. Hop pillows are a popular remedy for sleeplessness.
·    Scullcap is highly regarded for treatment of anxiety and nervous tension as it is a sedative, nervine (acts therapeutically on the nerves), antispasmodic and anticonvulsant.
·    Vervain, otherwise known as verbena, is a nervine, tonic, sudorific (causes or increases sweat) and emetic (expectorant, for treatment of coughs). The medicinal uses of vervain are varied, including antidepressant and anticonvulsant activity and for use with jaundice, coughs, colds and as a digestive aid. The triterpenes in vervain are anti-inflammatory,[1] and the flavanoids are antimicrobial. [2] Both of these are thought to contribuite to the therapeutic efficacy. [3] Recently immunomodulatory and antiviral effects have been noted. [4]
·    Valerian is a sedative, hypnotic, nervine and hypotensive which is used widely for insomnia, excitability and exhaustion. Clinical studies have shown it improves quality of sleep, reduces time to fall asleep and has potential benefits in generalised anxiety disorder.

I tried Potters Herbals for a month.  I did not experience, that I know of, any side effects which I guess is a good sign but also similarly I did not feel any different.  For me personally it did not make much of a difference, but then I guess everyone is different.  I suppose its like any medication herbal or otherwise it works differently on each person.  I have been told though that I am naturally a stressful person so maybe this is why.

potters herbal new relax

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