Teething : a helpful guide

Teething can be troublesome for all involved.  Teeth then continue to cause us trouble even as adults.  Both my girls took to teething differently and started teething at different ages.  My eldest got her first tooth at 8 months.  She could walk with furniture before she had teeth.  We felt everyone, endless sleepless nights, they really bothered her.  She then got a new tooth around 1 - 2 months.  Her final back teeth at 2 years old we did not even know they were coming though.  My youngest however had 4 teeth by 6 months old and all 4 came at once.  Then nothing for a while then another 4.  She seems to do them in 4's rather than 1 at a time.  

My eldest displayed all the classic symptoms  red cheeks, snotty nose, nappy rash whereas my youngest always has a snotty nose and chews everything when teething.  I guess there is no set path to teething and it will be different in every baby, even siblings. 

There are some great products that we have used to help with teething, again with different results on each girl

1. To help with Teething

Nelsons Granules

Nelsons teething granules are my absolute saviour.  They worked with both girls and seem to calm down the teething screaming.  I think they must also help to settle the tummy too, although I am not sure on this.  It seems to though as my two both stopped screaming and would calm down after the granules.  I have also used Boots own brand which works just as well.

Bonjela / Dentinox Gel

Bonjela never really did much for either of my girls.  I love it though and it works well if I have teething problems.  Dentinox gel however both girls really liked.  I would put it either directly on their gums or would put it on a teething ring and let them chew it.


If everything else fails I get out the Anbesol.  This is my personal favourite to use for myself.  It does work with the girls but  I don't think they enjoy the sensation of it been applied.

Frozen / chilled food

Carrot cut into sticks are great for teething babies.  Put them in the fridge/freezer first the cold helps to cool their gums and they can bite on them for extra relief.  

Amber teething Necklace

I never used this with either of my girls so have no experience, but a couple of my friends have and they swear by it.


Gumigem teething necklace are soft flexible and non toxic.  They are designed to be worn by an adult, i.e. Mummy and to be used as a teether by baby.  My youngest loves them.  The silicone is tough enough to be chewed but seems to have a cooling property which she loves

teething baby

Funky Giraffe bibs

sleeping baby

My two dribbled quite a bit when teething.  I often found that this would lead to a rash on their chest, caused by damp clothes.  The best way I have found to overcome this was to use a Funky Giraffe dribble bib.  They have lots of bright colours and patterns, something to suit every taste and occasion.  They are really soft too and help to keep the chest dry. [for review read here]

2. Looking after teeth

Once teeth have come through then the difficulty of looking after them occurs.

Brush Baby

Brush Baby offer a great range of products for babies and children.  First is their apple-mint toothpaste.  I tried a little bit and its got a nice apple taste to it.  Both my girls really love it.  Its also a gel consistency rather than a paste and in some ways I prefer this.

apple mint tooth paste

The Soft chewable toothbrush is suitable from 10 months.  I like this because you can put toothpaste into the groove, it recommends this twice a day, for baby to use as a toothbrush and at other times can be given as a teether.  It is very flexible and soft.  Babies get used to having a toothbrush and looking after teeth without realising.

brush baby tooth brush

independent tooth brushingyoungest brushing teeth


MAM also have a great range of teething products.  Their Rabbit glove is great for cleaning babies first teeth and my eldest daughter loved their first toothbrush.  It has a soft flexible head to help protect and clean delicate teeth and gums.

Baby cup

Baby cup is babys first weaning cup.  As its clear baby can see their drink and it teaches them how to drink correctly.  Each cup holds 50ml.  I really wish we had these with my eldest as she really struggled to breast feed and refused to take a bottle.  If I had had this I would have been able to feed her breast milk in a cup.

I was really surprised at how quick my youngest worked out how to drink.  The first time she got water everywhere but the second and subsequent times she just got better and better.  She absolutely loved the fact she had a cup like her Mummy and big sister.  Her smile said it all, how proud of herself she was.

Baby cups come in packs of 4 either pink, green, yellow, blue or one of each.  We have the muti coloured pack.  If you would like to read more on Infant tooth decay caused by sippy cups and bottles read here

can drink byselfdrinking from big cup


I recently reviewed Dentyl Active Enamel restore [click here for review].  Dentyl is suitable from age 7 and is alcohol free.  This is a great addition to brushing teeth in order to protect against enamel erosion, dental decay and fight plaque.  As it is alcohol free it is kinder to gums and I personally prefer it as I think it tastes much gentler than other mouth wash.

Dentyl Active

I am interested to know what other tips there are for teething and looking after teeth, feel free to leave any in the comments.

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