project 365 : week 31


Alzheimer's society yorkshire 3 peaks

The day of the Yorkshire 3 peaks challenge.  It was cold, windy and very rainy.  Visibility was near zero.  It was really tough.  I raised over £300 for Alzheimer's society which I want to say a huge thank you to all who sponsored me.  To read more on how we did click here.


I really enjoyed meeting Kaleidoscope at Blog on and loved their pig door stop.  When I came to order on line I saw the dog and had to have him.  He arrived today, our dog has taken a shine to him.

spot the difference


What better way to start your day than jazz hands.  This is my favourite picture of the week.

jazz hands chocolate face


The girls poured spaghetti all over the floor, so we had unplanned messy play.  My eldest loved making spaghetti angels.

spaghetti angel


Happy Yorkshire Day! As a Yorkshire Lass and very proud of the fact, we celebrated in true Yorkshire style and had Yorkshire puddings for dinner.

Yorkshire Day


The girls must have had a tiring day as they both fell asleep before dinner.  Not like my girls at all.

nap time


Making the most of the only day this week not to rain, the girls and I went to feed the ducks at a local country park.

feeding ducks

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  1. Well done on the three peaks challenge, that is amazing. The jazz hands photo is really lovely but that last photo is clever, how do you do that?

    1. If I take lots of photos in quick succession my phone automatically does it.

  2. is that a chocolate beard your daughter is showing off with her jazz hands? lol
    i think your dog thinks you have bought him a little friend ! x

    1. Nutella beard! My dog is very attached to his new friend

  3. Love your door stop too - He needs a name I think. Congratulations on your three peaks challenge. A few friends of mine did it last year after a failed first attempt when the wind was too strong and almost blew them off the first peak!

  4. Well done you for the 3 peaks challenge!! Fantastic.

    I LOVE this idea of spaghetti angels too :-)

  5. Both of your dogs are gorgeous! :D

  6. I love the photo of your dog and the toy dog! Congratulations on the challenge.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

  7. Well done on the challenge! Messy play sure looks like fun!

  8. Lol spaghelli angels. Your girls are just gorgeous :)

  9. Love the photo with jazz hands and chocolate.
    Adore the sleeping children photo- it really makes you take a deep breath of love.

  10. Well done for completing the challenge you should be very proud of yourself. Lovely photos of the girls especially the chocolate face and spaghetti angel.

  11. Love the Jazz hands!
    I have a Cat doorstop and our grandson likes carrying it about..


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