Summer Family fun

It is rather difficult to interpret the words, 'Summer family fun' they mean so much and bring so many memories.  This Summer has been a rather amazing one as a family.  Last year we moved house, my youngest was only a few weeks old and everything was just about finding our feet.  This year we could enjoy it so much more.  Work started on making our garden somewhere for the girls to enjoy for years to come, I finally unpacked some of the boxes from moving and I watched a beautiful relationship develop between the girls.

I guess that is what springs to mind the most when I think of Summer family fun.  Watching my girls grow together.  Watching them run around in the sunshine on the grass.  Watching them laugh, giggle and play together.  

I have so many wonderful photos of the girls and us as a family having fun in our garden this summer, but there is one that is my favourite.  

This one:
Summer Family fun

This picture captures everything.  It captures the beautiful sunshine, summer, My beautiful girls, family and it captures the cheekiness of my eldest trying to get my youngest smell her shoe after sliding down a slide, fun.   Ok its not technically the best, I haven't edited it and it was taken on my phone but I love it.  This to me is summer family fun. 

We haven't had a 'Summer holiday' so instead I am going to try and win one.  Win a fantastic holiday from Mark Warner Holidays.  If you would like to do the same, read on for further details,

Mark Warner Holidays is giving away a summer 2014 family holiday in association with baby specialist Kiddicare. The competition opens 13th September and closes 31st October 2013. You can enter in any Kiddicare superstore or via the online entry form on Kiddicare’s Facebook page.  full terms and conditions available from Kiddicare Facebook page.

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  1. That is a very good picture.

    For things like this it's the content that matters and the spontaneity of two little girls enjoying themselves is not something that can be created or edited.

    1. They are very spontaneous with what they get up to

  2. It's a lovely photo, and thanks for mentioning the holiday competition - what a brilliant prize!


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