Review : red canvas

I have sat and re typed this review so many times now, I think I am going to just press publish.  

I have waited for the right time, maybe Father's Day or Mother's Day or dare I say Christmas?

You see when I write my reviews I write honestly what I feel and what I think, and with Red canvas this is no different.  So when I write I adore my canvas print from red canvas, I hope you know I mean it.

Red canvas allow you to create your own unique photo canvas.  You can design the layout, the template and even the font.  This means its a truly unique and personal way to capture a memory.

The ordering process is straight forward.  Upload your images as directed by email.  Answer the questions which follow in an email regarding layout etc.  As this is a personal and not automatic email you can fully tailor your design.  Review the final design and make any last minute changes.  Admire your premium print canvas which comes ready to hang.  

I decided I wanted a canvas of the girls.  I however couldn't quite decide on which image to use, so I used nearly all of them.  I uploaded my images as directed, answered the questions on layout and then received a beautiful proof image

me and my sister

I just loved it.  Everything about it I loved.  I then had to choose if I wanted text, I decided to write me and my sister down the side and picked font 3 from the choice

choose font

My Red Canvas canvas arrived within a few days, really prompt delivery and I just couldn't believe how beautiful it was.  Printed on high quality premium canvas, this is something I am going to treasure forever.  I love my Red Canvas.

You can purchase your own  photo collage canvas from Red Canvas by clicking here.

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