The mood and feel of a room

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Have you noticed how the feel of a room can be altered quite dramatically depending upon the lighting and accessories used in it? For example, the kitchen. Take any ordinary kitchen. You can make it feel really clinical by using very white light, or more homely using more softer light. I personally like my kitchens to be full of natural light, and in a room like this I like lots of light. I like to be able to see what I'm cooking and baking, and as its the hub of the house I like the light to be soft with a natural feel.

Take another room in the house, the living room or front room. In our house it is a room used more for relaxing and unwinding. Therefore the light used in this room is to reflect this. Again the light used in this room needs to be soft to reflect the calming unwinding atmosphere. Yet this is also a room to read in, watch TV and play the occasional game.


Light is therefore important in this room too. Using different light sources can dramatically alter the feel. A soft table lamp for example that is only used at night when the children have gone to bed, can create an unwinding and relaxing atmosphere. A large floor lamp could be used for reading, or creating a more chilled atmosphere for those unwinding games with the children.

The patterns and shapes created by individual lamps also adds to create different atmosphere within a room. Some lamps cast amazing patterns onto the walls, by using different style bulbs the patterns can be altered. Other lamps have shapes cut out, such as butterflies, the light passes through and creates images on the wall.

pattern light
Night lights are perhaps another example of how light can be used to alter the feel of a given room. Using a bright bulb in a child's night light is not going to give the desired result, yet a softer bulb perhaps one with a blue tint is usually more calming and can help with sleep. Night lights can also come in some very different styles. Animal shapes that don't get hot, so children can pick them up and use them as a torch in the night. Ones which plug in and create a 'moon glow' are also perfect for those afraid of the dark.

Using different light products is a perfect way to create a mood or style within a home. It's a great way to create certain types of atmospheres. Choosing a light can be relatively cheap, you can create your own shades, or as expensive as you like. There are products to suit modern tastes and traditional. Whatever feel you want to give a room the light chosen will have a stunning impact.

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