A very British holiday

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Last week we went on our family holiday. We stayed at the very lovely Coombe Mill in Cornwall. Many apologies therefore for the lack of all things blog related, but normal service shall shortly resume.

As with any holiday in the UK, the weather cannot be guaranteed. However we made the most of the rain and the wind and tried to have as much fun as we possibly could. We arrived on the Saturday and the girls had lots of fun, running around and stretching their legs after a rather long car journey.

playingCoombe mill train

The girls spent Sunday in complete amazement that they were staying on a farm. They helped with the morning feed run, hunted for eggs and even helped let out some of the animals. You can read more about Saturday and Sunday here.

egg huntmorning feed run

Monday morning and my youngest daughter, 16 months, wakes up and shouts tractor. She toddles as fast as her little legs carry her to the front door and begins putting on her Wellington boots. The girls confidence is growing fast and they love looking after the animals, the rabbits still a firm favourite.

the rabbits boots on

With the weather not as bad as it had been and showing light rain, we made the journey to lands end. The girls had their first taste of Cornish pasties. The weather started to turn and the wind picked up. It was very cold and with both girls clung to me we had our photo taken before deciding to head back to Coombe Mill. The girls didn't mind too much, in fact they wanted to play outside in the toddler area. Who could blame them, really with all the lovely toys on offer.

wet outdoor playwindy lands end

Tuesday it rained, and it kept raining. My youngest wasn't deterred and ran to the door once again shouting tractor, tractor as she put on her boots. My eldest was rather brave and decided she wanted to help Farmer Nick drive the tractor. I was very proud of her.

farmer nick drive tractor

After a rather wet and muddy feed run, the girls and I decided to make the most of the wet weather. First stop, splash in puddles. This is a rather new concept to my youngest, who was wearing Wellington boots for the first time. Needless to say she needed little encouragement and loved splashing away in every puddle.

Thinking that we best make the most of the weather we decided to head to the beach, we only spent an hour or so as it was rather chilly but my youngest was mesmerised by the sea.

on the beach

We picked up a leaflet whilst we were out for the Seal Sanctuary and so we decided to spend a day there.  I am so glad we did, the girls really loved it.  They saw several seals, otters and penguins and had such an amazing time.  I cannot recommend it highly enough if you are in Cornwall, but beware the toilets are a Jeep ride or a climb up a hill away.

watching sealswatching penguins

 My eldest is now at the age were she is showing an interest in the rock pools on the beach, we had lots of fun exploring the ones on Newquay beach.

Exploring rock pools

We visited Tintagel Castle, its one of our favourite views in Cornwall, yet both girls seemed very interested in the map.  They spent ages pointing things out and my youngest even took off her shoes and put her feet under the poster, making herself at home.

checking the map

It was rather sad saying goodbye to Coombe Mill.  The girls have had such an amazing time.  My youngest still gets up asking for the tractor every morning and Wellington boots seem to be the new normal footwear for her.  We made some fantastic family memories and hope we can visit again one day.

Coombe Mill tractor

This Day I love a very British holiday

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  1. Glad you had a lovely time despite the weather! x

  2. Aaaaw, another post that makes me even more desperate to visit Coombe Mill. It will happen!

  3. Ah it looks such fun there, everyone I know who's been says such good things about it!

  4. Hoorah! I love seeing Coombe Mill posts, makes me all nostalgic.

    Nipping over from Country Kids.


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