A red hot tasty treat

We went to Red Hot World Buffet in Leeds to spend some quality time as a family.  A few months ago we were asked to become Taste-makers for red hot world and we were very excited.

We arrived at Red Hot world and the girls seemed very excited.  My eldest asked if we were going on holiday when she saw the aeroplane windows inside.  

i spy

We settled down at our table, our base, and my eldest chose our drinks


We then headed off to the buffet area to make our selection.  The choice was overwhelming for my youngest who wanted to eat everything on the way round.  There was everything, sushi, Italian, Indian, Chinese, full Sunday Carvery, everything you could think off.  

eating on the go

The girls loved having the freedom and the choice and they kept going back up for more.  My eldest loved how she got a new plate every time and had a lot of fun exploring all the different tastes.  

tucking invery happy

After dinner and our drinks it was time for deserts


Desert choices where just as difficult.  All different flavour jellies, ice creams and hot and cold puddings.

picking ice cream

Both girls eventually decided on what ice cream to have

big smilesyummy yummy

And after ice cream it was time to play with a chocolate fountain for the first time

messy desert

This day I love a red hot tasty treat

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