How to assemble the Little Helper FunPod

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The Little Helper FunPod is very easy to out together. I managed to put the FunPod together by myself in around 10 minutes, I would say it would be easier to do with help.

First it's important to check that you have all the correct screws and pieces, open Podney and check



Once all is correct then begin.

1. Screw pieces b and c together. B is the back plate, it has the ridges on for the height adjustable board to sit in, the side pieces c, have small holes at the top which the handles screw into. Ensure that the ridges are lined up before assembling.

starting pieces

2. Then attach the other side panel c, to the back panel b.

the sides on

3. Finally add the front panel a, this is the last large piece and has the slats on it to slot the height plate through.

screw inmade a square

4. Turning the FunPod upside down attach the feet.

add feet

5. Turn back the correct way and attach the handles to both c panels.

6. Finally add the adjustable plate, ensuring that the plate is inserted correctly.

height plate

correct fitting
Correct Fitting
incorrect fitting
Incorrect Fitting

7. Enjoy the FunPod!

complete pod

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  1. What is it exactly? What does it for?

    1. I have a full review which you can take a look at. It is for children to stand in so they can reach the worktop safely


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