Braving the cold

It was incredibly cold and windy today.  The girls and I ventured out after lunch to a local park.  They were holding a Christmas craft fair and Christmas Crafts.  After wandering around the craft stalls with nothing really catching our eye, we joined the queue for the crafts.  Upon reaching the front we discovered, all the pots had gone, so we could not plant the spring bulbs to take away, all the foliage had gone meaning we could not make a Christmas wreath and so we waited to make a bird house.

Queuing in the cold

After 1 and half hours of queueing in the freezing cold we finally got to make our bird house.  The girls were a little cold by this point and only managed a few taps with the hammer, but we got there.  We then dashed across the park to join another queue to see Father Christmas.  After another hour of queueing we finally got 5 minutes with Father Christmas.  My youngest still not impressed but my eldest with a smile like the Cheshire cat.  This more than made up for the cold.

The girls were so well behaved given that we spent about 3 hours queueing in the freezing cold.  We all had a run through the park together, more to get to the car quicker to warm up.  It was nice to spend some time with the girls and their Grandma and the girls although cold I think enjoyed themselves.

Happy girls

Well the smiles on their faces seem to suggest they did!

This day I love braving the cold. 

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