The girls woke on Christmas eve rather giddy, with the excitement of Father Christmas coming.  I decided upon a treat for them for breakfast and as we had been sent some pancakes and Clarks Maple Syrup this seemed a fitting festive breakfast treat.  Quick and simple to do, my youngest helped me with the pancakes.

Clarks Maple SyrupPancakes for Breakfast

 Whilst the Clarks Maple syrup added a lovely sweet taste to the pancakes I wanted to make them festive for the girls.  I used our snowman cookie cutter to cut out snowman shapes, then added the Clarks maple syrup on top.  This meant the chocolate drops for eyes and buttons would stick to the pancake and stay in place.

snowman pancakepancakes

 The girls thoroughly enjoyed their festive breakfast, which meant they had full tummies ready for a fun day ahead.

Eating breakfast

The girls and I spent the day playing and my eldest kept asking if it was time to make the reindeer food ready for Father Christmas.  After we had taken our dog for a walk, we came home to make our reindeer food.  

adding glitterReindeer dust

The girls took some oats and rice and put them into a bowl.  They then added glitter, so the twinkle of the glitter in the moon light would guide the reindeer's to our house.  Well Father Christmas needs to spot our house from the sky.

mixing the reindeer dust

The girls gave the mixture a good mix before we went outside to sprinkle our Reindeer food.  It was raining and very windy so we came back in covered in glitter [my car is still rather sparkly] but the girls went to sleep happy and dreaming of the presents Father Christmas might bring them

Next morning when they awoke the girls were incredibly surprised and very excited.  Father Christmas had been!

spot the dog PJopening presents

 The girls were so excited and very happy.   It was so lovely to watch the magic of Christmas unfold.


The girls were even more surprised when they found out that Father Christmas had left them presents at Grandma and Grandad house!

shh sleepingsay cheese

Grandma had cooked a lovely Christmas dinner and the girls both wore their Christmas hats with pride!

Christmas hatChristmas dinner

 After dinner it was time to unwind and relax.  The girls played and had lots of fun.  Oh and ate lots of chocolate.

lots of chocolate

After a fun filled Christmas it was time to settle down, and dream wonderful dreams.

star light

This day I love dreaming......

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  1. beautiful photos and the one with the dog looking on in the background is especially cute.


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