Fish Splish splash!

Back at the end of November we began the construction of our Blagdon Affinity pillar from Swell Aquatics.  The weather then took a turn for the worse, the rain, wind and the cold meant that we put our Affinity Pillar into the garage, until the weather became better and we could install in the garden.  All winter the girls have been asking when we can put the fish house in the garden, and we finally have!

We decided to call in an electrician to install the pond outside.  Whilst the instructions don't ask for this to be done, we wanted to be able to control the unit from inside the house and thought it would be good to have all the cables correctly installed.

Installing our Blagdon Affinity Pillar

Our Blagdon Affinity Pillar was installed in no time and we filled with water and added the necessary treatments before we could add the fish.  

This weekend the girls and I went fish shopping!  My eldest wanted 3 fish and she wanted to call them, Nuggets, Fingers and Snow white.  The mind of a three year old is fantastic.  So we went on a hunt for Nuggets, Fingers and Snow white.  After a lot of thought and choice here they are

our Fish, Nuggets, Fingers and Snow White

We put the fish into the water and the girls stood for ages watching them settle into their new home.  I decided to take advantage of the inbuilt plant baskets

plants and waterfallGirls watching the fish

I love listening to the waterfall and looking out at the Blagdon Affinity Pillar at night, as there is a soft light which makes it look very peaceful.  The girls love watching the fish and the great advantage of the Blagdon affinity Pillar is that they can look through the windows but also because its above ground it makes it safer, in some ways, as they would struggle to trip and fall in.  

This morning my eldest requested to go and see the fish in their fish house, my youngest however stood at the door and shouted 'Fish Splish Splash!'

Watching the fish in the fish splish splash

Our Blagdon Affinity Pillar is proving to be very popular with the girls and it is such a lovely way to encourage them to be outside and be involved with nature

This day I love Fish Splish Splash!

We were sent a Blagdon Affinity Pillar from Swell Aquatics to review.  All words are my own.

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