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Let me introduce you to Cupets.  Cupets are 'Cube shaped pets' and there are 12 to collect.  When placed in front of your smart device they 'Come alive!' on their free to download app.

You purchase each Cupet separately and they fit neatly into the palm of your hand. They can be attached to most things, keys, bags etc and both my girls love carrying turtle around with them

turtle Cupet

The fun really begins though when you place them in front of a smart device which contains their app.  The cupet 'comes alive' on screen.  My girls think this is fantastic.  

Cupets reality

They can interact with their Cupet, playing games, feeding and tickling.  They can even wash him.  They love taking care of him and whats great is, unlike a real pet, when they forget he just gets a little sulky and they can soon fix that with a tickle and some food.

There are some very addictive games on the app itself, I admit to playing totem far too many times.  Cupets are lots of fun and the girls certainly enjoy playing with them.  Even when the hand held Cupet is not available you can still interact with them via the app.

Cupets app

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