A first flying visit

My eldest daughter was 6 months old when we first took her abroad on holiday.  I remember very well that this was the holiday she learnt to sit up from lying down by herself.  Looking back through the photos have brought back some wonderful memories which I would love to share, as well as sharing some top tips along the way.

sleeping in sky cotWe flew with Emirates and I have to say they were fantastic, even after all this time I remember how helpful the staff were with my daughter.  They could not have done more.  I would say it is worth asking friends and family who they have flown with in the past and their experiences of the different companies.  Emirates provided us with a sky cot which was great.  I could lie my eldest in it [its basically a crib] and she kept herself entertained, until she figured out she could sit up and climb out.  It is worth asking for a sky cot if you do have a baby.
eating cheese

Whilst we might enjoy sampling different foods whilst on holiday, the different tastes might not agree with a little one.  It is worth taking some food from home just in case.  We discovered that my eldest loved feta cheese and I love how its everywhere, even her hair!

bath in a wash tubBath times, nap times, sleep times, forget the routine, you are on holiday and so is your little one, enjoy yourselves.  The routine will come back once the jet lag has gone and you are back at home.  Bath times can be fun on holiday.  Some places don't have a bath and only a shower, so improvise.  Use a wash basket, the sink, your little one will have lots of fun!  

keeping cool Always keep cool and protect your eyes, even if it means borrowing Granddads!

feet upMake sure you take time to chill and put your feet up, after all you are on holiday

imaginative playWhilst it is a good idea to take a few toys with you to keep the little one entertained on the journey, I wouldn't take too many.  Children have a brilliant imagination and can have just as much fun with a roll of tissue paper!

beach at night
beach in sun 

Whilst we tend to want to spend most of our time outdoors in the sunshine, its important to keep little ones skin covered up.  I have found that many hats have straps underneath which is a great help at helping the hat to stay on.  Although it is lovely to be out in the sunshine, there is something magical about a beach at night or dusk.  Her Granddad took her paddling in the sea for the first time during the night, it was really special.

emirates strollerSome airports and companies have strollers you can hire whilst you are in the airport building.  Its worth finding out if this is available as its a great service to take advantage of, tired children in airports are not much fun.  Giving them space to rest is a real bonus.

in flight entertainmentMy eldest loved travelling on the plane.  I fed her during take off and landing, so as to help her ears equalise.  She slept in her sky cot and when not sleeping she would watch TV with me or we would play games and play with her toys.  It is not always bad travelling with an infant.  

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