Weekend Ideas!

There are some products that when they really make you go wow.  The Weekend box was one of these, such a clever idea.  Let me introduce the Weekend box to you.

The Weekend Box

The Weekend box contains something in the following categories

Something to Cook 
Something to Make
Something to Explore and
Something Green

Each activity explores sensory skills and teach them something in a fun way.  My eldest at 3 years old loved it.  As a parent I loved that pretty much everything I needed was included.  I know how hard it can be to entertain a 3 year old with something fun and educational, particularly when you cannot go outside and play.  The Weekend box provided a great solution.  We had an idea of something to make for lunch, green pancakes and after an activity to make.  There was a fun game to play and a little experiment on sound.  Even my 23 month old got involved and had fun.

Example of Weekend box activity Contents of weekend box

There is a new box every fortnight and a box costs £7.50, which I think is very well priced.  If you would like to try a weekend box for free including delivery then please use this promotional code LEYLA130.  I personally think the Weekend box is an excellent idea, the girls loved it, I loved it and we could focus on what mattered over the weekend, having fun!

We were sent a free weekend box to review, all words are my own

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