London through little eyes

Recently the girls visited London for an event at Warner Brothers, #WBmums.  I was very excited for the girls as I knew they would enjoy the experience.  What I hadn't thought about was London itself.

You see, I am not really a city person.  I like to be outdoors and looking at trees and grass, not buildings.  The city life just doesn't suit me, I tried it and it did not work.  I know others love it and that is fine I have no problem with that.  I do love the beautiful looking buildings in cities and it is great to visit, I just could not live there again.  Well not at the minute anyway.

Yet when you stop and look at London through the eyes of a child, you realise how wonderful it is, no really it is.  You see how magical it is and how much there is to explore.  Take for example buses.  They never go down our street here and if we are lucky we see maybe 1 whilst we are out and about.  Yet in London we saw one every minute, each one greeted with a delightful shout from my youngest 'BUS' at the top of her voice and pointing, whilst the eldest sang 'Wheels on the bus' and did all the actions.  

The London Underground, perhaps you might think not a very exciting place but again through the eyes of a child it is amazing!  First there is a train every minute and if the children are train obsessed it is great fun, get on one and then get onto another, ride the train all day!  Then there are the tunnels themselves, yep great fun for the girls to explore.  The magic train barrier which opens with the special ticket, how amazing and how much fun is that.  Finally not to mention the escalators.

The girls love the magic stairs.  The look on their faces as they see them and they shout 'magic stairs', run towards them and then stand on them all happy and giggling to each other.  It is so amazing to look at the world through children's eyes, how much fun a place it is.

Everything becomes more magical and anything is possible.

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This day I love London through little eyes

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  1. Awww I'm glad to hear that they loved London so much. Was lovely to meet them.


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