A Spring picnic

With the recent beautiful weather my eldest daughter has been asking me for a picnic.  I could see no reason why not and so for lunch we had a picnic in our garden, a beautiful Spring picnic.

Having a picnic gave us the perfect excuse to try out our new OXO tot divided plate, spoons and forks and twist top water bottles.

OXO tot products

The divided plate shows the portion size for each food category, meat, dairy, fruit/veg, which is great for meal planning, however as this was a picnic I wanted to use it more for adding healthy snacks and bite sized nibbles for the girls.  The plate worked really well and showed some beautiful Spring colours

Divided plate

The girls had no problems picking what they wanted to eat and thoroughly enjoyed the selection.  Whilst they could use the fork and spoon set with its comfy grip handles, they soon abandoned them as they found it easier to use their fingers for the picnic.  [They have used them since for dinner with no problems].

The picnic was going really well, the girls enjoyed themselves and ate lots of lunch.  They even spotted lots of animals in the garden, I think the Squirrel eyed up some of our lunch.

Spring picnic

We thought at one point we may have had to abandon the picnic when one of the OXO twist top water bottles got knocked over.  However when the twist top is closed it is spill proof, which was rather lucky as it meant we could continue with our picnic, accident free!

It was lovely to sit outside in the sunshine and have our lunch as a picnic together.  I think the girls eat more when food is presented this way to them, as they can choose what they want.  As all the OXO tot products are dishwasher safe, that we used, it meant I could clean and tidy up quickly so I could spend more time enjoying the sunshine with the girls.

enjoying outdoors

This day I love a Spring picnic. 

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