Review : Nappy Hook

I met with Smallest ideas who introduced me to their Nappy Bag Hook.  The device is rather clever, the plastic green nappy hook clips onto the side of the changing mat.  The hooks at the end of the clip hold open the bag allowing you to easily place the nappy inside.  This has many advantages, the first from a safety aspect, the baby cannot accidentally grab the plastic bag whilst you are changing them and second it allows you to keep your hands free to change a nappy and easily put the dirty nappy into the bag.

I was really keen to test the Nappy Bag hook.  The size of the hook is that of a business card, so very small and compact.  The only problem was, when I got it home to test it, my youngest began potty training.  I have therefore struggled for some time as to what to write, as I have not been able to test properly.  I can see its advantages and I can prove that it works, as I have clipped it to a changing mat.  Beyond this I have not been able to test the product.  

I was really looking forward to giving Nappy Bag Hook a try and really use it for its intended purpose.  I have however clipped the hook onto my kitchen cabinet door and used it to hold open a bag which I filled with glass.  A glass cup broke on the floor and rather than struggling to keep the bag open and pour the shattered remains into the bag I used the hook to pour the glass into the bag, so it does have other uses beyond nappy.  I can really see how this would be beneficial to those with children still in nappies.

Nappy Bag hook

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