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By day I am just an ordinary bunny, I sit on my chair and wait for my person to come home.  My name is Skibz.

By night, when my person returns, I am transformed into super rabbit. My person attaches my soft cape with the easy fasten poppers and off I go ready to fly.

Getting rabbit ready

After my flying I often feel tired so my person gives me my milk

Rabbit milk

Before tucking me up in bed and reading me a story

Reading Story

If I have been a good super Skibz bunny I often get a nice cuddle and my person rubs my tummy for me.

Patting rabbit tummy

I think whilst I am sleeping that sometimes my person wears my cape, but I cannot be sure?

Wearing SkibzEating ice cream

I guess it is rather soft and would look stylish with her clothes. It could keep her warm in winter or even catch any dribbles she may have, thanks to the terry towelling, but I don't think she would wear my cape would she? It's ok because the bigger person finds it easy to wash and take care of. She has even told me that there is a wide range of colours so I could always pick another cape to wear.  Which colour cape [or Skibz ] would you choose?


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