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As some of you may I have noticed I have recently added a Hire me Button to the page.  After going through several redundancies I have decided to focus on a career which I am passionate about and that is digital marketing.  The scary part for me is that for as long as I can remember I have always been an employee, I have never done this on my own.

I like to back up what I do know with books and I often find new ideas to try from them too.  When the works got in touch offering a book to review I knew exactly what I wanted.  I wanted a book to back up my digital knowledge and chose one on twitter marketing.  

Twitter Marketing for Dummies
Twitter Marketing for Dummies has given me some really interesting ideas, which I hope to put into practise soon.  The book follows the same format as the For Dummies series.  The book is well laid out with clear illustrations to demonstrate points as well as giving informative examples.  There are clear markers highlighting top tips, warnings, remembers and experts.

handy tips in the margain

The works also offers a wide range of books on helping me with working freelance and I can see it becoming a valuable resource as my journey progresses.

I was sent twitter marketing for dummies to review. 

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