Butlins Just for Tots

A few months ago I posted about Butlins looking for an official [high] chair man to test out their new Just for Tots Breaks.  I also posted the news that Sophia Carr was the successful applicant and she would be testing out the breaks.  Back in May Sophia went on her first official Just for Tots breaks and reported to have an excellent time, although she made the following requests:

·       Integrate salmon into the Just for Tots menu to broaden relevance of menu for the discerning palate 
·       Increased incidences of Angelina Ballerina hugs, especially for children wearing pink and purple 
·       Increase sturdiness of the Butlins ‘towel elephant’ bed decoration to withstand rigorous testing (bed bouncing)
·       Ensure demographic catered for in the dining experience by boosting the availability of pink spoons within catering facilities
·       Up weight ratio of purple flowers in across key visual opportunities

I saw lots of pictures come through on twitter of the Just for Tots breaks and have to say they looked fantastic.  There were lots of smiling faces and Little Tikes cars which are always a winner with my girls.  We took our break just before the Just for Tots breaks started.  Ideally I think with the under 5's it would be great to attend these Just for Tots breaks, as they cater specifically for the under 5's.  However if this is not possible then you may still wish to know about the activities available for under 5's.

We attended two weekend breaks this year and both times had plenty to do, in fact we were non stop.  At the time my youngest was almost 2 [23 months] and my eldest 3 years old.  On one of our breaks we did not get time to even go swimming there was that much to do.  Taking swimming out of the equation, which by the way the swimming pool at Skegness has a great area dedicated to the smaller children, there is still lots to do.

There is the little stars fairground which has just been re designed.  The area is well designed and clean and there are plenty of rides for the little ones to enjoy, as many times as they like.  My eldest loved the little stars fairground and would have spent all day there

There is plenty of entertainment in the Skyline Pavilion, ranging from Skyline gang, Barney and friends and Angelina Ballerina to disco with Billy Bear and shows like Scooby Doo, Mike the Knight and a great range of shows from the Puppet castle.  It is worth planning in advance which shows to attend, as some are repeated on other days or earlier the same day.  

Butlins Shows

There is also Little Stars nursery which provides the option for you to leave children to be looked after by fully qualified nursery staff, or to stay and play.  We stayed and played.  There was a huge range of toys available and plenty of space for the girls to run around in.  Even sofas for grown ups to sit on if needed.

Butlins Little Stars

Little Stars nursery also put on activities for the under 5s, they need to be booked in advance but are usually free.  Our favourite was messy time.  There were lots of messy play activities to get involved with.  Both girls got creative and had lots of fun.  What is even more impressive for me is that in the rush we forgot to pick up our paintings that we had left to dry, a week later I ring the nursery who locate the paintings and post them to  me, first class service.

Butlins Messy play

If all that wasn't enough remember at every Butlins the beach is on the doorstep.

Butlins Beach

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