Strawberry picking adventures

I remember when I was a child my Grandma and Granddad taking me strawberry picking.  We went every year and there always seemed to be lots of places to go near us.  I have noticed over recent years the decline in Pick your own near us, which I feel is a real shame.  I wanted to take my girls to experience strawberry picking for the first time, I thought it would be a wonderful adventure.  In keeping with tradition Granddad also came with us.

The girls followed Granddad into the strawberry patch.  There were strawberry plants for as far as the eye could see.

Granddad and I showed the girls were the strawberries would be hiding and soon the girls were off on a little adventure to look for strawberries.

They worked together as a team, my youngest spotting strawberries and my eldest helping to carry the tub.

My youngest soon became rather good at spotting them and seemed to get lost in all the strawberry plants.

I loved how curious they became lifting up the plants and trying to spot the strawberries.  They soon became experts in which strawberries to pick and which to leave behind.  I even hid a Barny bear for them to find between some of the strawberries which the girls found rather funny.

My eldest was very pleased with all the strawberries that we managed to pick 

It was a beautiful way to spend the morning with the girls, feeding their imagination and curiosity and spending some time with Granddad.

Of course after our little adventure the girls were hungry so I made them bear strawberry jam sandwiches, strawberries and a strawberry Barny.

This day I love Strawberry picking adventures

We were sent samples of Barny to try.  All words and opinions are my own.  This post has been entered into the  MN Bloggers-Barny Little Adventures Blog Hop on Mumsnet #littleadventures.

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  1. What a great idea to go strawberry picking as one of your #littleadventures! Looks like fun

  2. Strawberry picking is one of my favourite memories from childhood. Such a great family day out x

    1. It is one of my favourite memories too, and was so lovely to share that with the girls

  3. We love strawberry picking too, and the children love it too! It's a real little adventure too as they have to search for their strawberries and have a real sense of pride in what they do. And I love the idea of bear-shaped sandwiches, Something I'm going to try in our picnics! Sweet post #mumsnet BarneyBear


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