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Everything is awesome with TalkTalk, as of Monday 21st July the Lego Movie is available to download and watch. The Lego movie is the first ever full length Lego adventure and will be available to both TalkTalk Plus and Essentials TV customers. The movie can be rented for 48 hours at £4 and is available on the same day as the DVD is released.

The girls are just beginning their love for Lego, where as my love for Lego is firmly set. I was very keen to sit down and watch the Lego movie with the girls. It was a great way to unwind after a busy day. The Lego movie had me laughing and the girls laughing too. It is incredibly clever how they have made the film and has inspired the girls to play with Lego more. I love how the Lego movie features Lego instructions, this made me laugh. I can see how this was such a huge success in the cinema. Even if you are not a Lego fan I think you would still enjoy this film as I found it comical and so did the girls. A great family film.

Watching Lego movie

Other films available this summer from TalkTalk include non-stop, the book thief, a long way down and the grand Budapest. The one I'm looking forward to catching is Noah starring Russell Crow and Emma Watson. TalkTalk are also launching free 'Tasters' which means customers can experience channels typically included in paid for Boosts. These launch in the first weekend of August with Disney channel, Disney XD and Disney Junior, perfect for the school holidays and are free to watch all weekend.

Oh and just remember after watching the Lego film everything is awesome!

Lego movie was provided for us to watch by TalkTalk as part of our TalkTalk family blogger. 

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