First Day at School [a taster]

I cannot believe my eldest is starting school already.  This morning when she woke I told her she would be going to school today, this sparked the following from her

'But Mummy I am only 3.  I go to school when I am 4, not 3'

Whilst I cannot fault her logic, I had to explain it was just a taster so she could meet her friends and her teacher.  She had a mix of emotions, confusion over the age issue, excitement over school and a bit of fear from the unknown.  I was experiencing similar emotions excited for her to start school, worried about how she would cope and also feeling cheated as I feel I have missed out on a whole year with her, after all she is only 3.

She got dressed at super speed and put on her new shoes all by herself, when did she grow up?

eldest ready for school

We did the walk to school and I was pleased that she found someone she knew from pre school there.  The two of them walked into school hand in hand and sat down at the colouring table.  She gave me a kiss and I left her colouring.

The rest of the morning for me was a bit of a blur.  I constantly thought about how she was and if she would be ok and could not wait to pick her up.  I was at the gates early and when the school day finished she came running out and gave me a big hug, 'I like my big school Mummy'.  

I am so pleased she had a good day and is starting to settle in.  I hope the next taster day is as successful.

This day I love First day at school [a taster]

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  1. Aww! Sounds like she had a wonderful time.....
    My girls is having her first taster day at secondary school today! Eek!


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