My favourite place in the UK

There is one place in the UK, that I know of, which offers all of the following in one place and all within walking distance.  This makes it perfect for families.  It is perfect for both young and old and captures your heart from the moment you first get there.  It captured mine and it is my favourite place in the UK.

1. It has beautiful sandy beaches.  They are clean and so is the water.  There is plenty of space to run around.  Some of the beaches are dog friendly too, making it perfect for all the family.

2. In all my years of visiting [over 20] I have always experienced blue skies, either for all the day or most of the day.  This means we can always get out and explore, run around on the beach or go for a walk.

3. There is a train which is suitable for all the family.  It is a beautiful scenic ride and always a real treat watching the coast line go past.

4. There is a castle.  Beautiful history in beautiful surroundings.

5. There is a gorgeous park which is beautiful to explore.  Beautiful gardens, history, art and wildlife.  Cafe and ice cream shops.

6. Boat rides.  Fun on the water and watching the world go by.

Whatever you want be it a beach, history, relax or adventure then Scarborough has it all.  Scarborough is my favourite place in the UK and to show you a bit more, here is a video from the train ride.

I would like to know your favourite place in the UK and why not enter a competition with UKbreakaways.

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  1. My husband spent a lot of his childhood holidaying along that coast and I would love to see more of it. I looks lovely from your photos!


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