A sweet tooth

I had the last few things to pick up today before my eldest starts school next week.  I decided to treat the girls for lunch at Pizza Hut and after they had an unlimited ice cream from the ice cream factory.  My youngest was in heaven.  

She could not believe she could fill a bowl with ice cream, put on her own sauce and use as many flavours as she wanted followed by topping the ice cream with sweets.  She has a huge sweet tooth and just loved this idea.

She did manage to eat all the sweets and all the sauce, the ice cream however melted.  She thought it was so much fun and wanted to have another bowl.  My eldest is much more controlled when it comes to sweets and although given the same options as her system put in a lot less.

I think my youngest gets her sweet tooth from me, I probably would have had a bowl of sweets and sauce and left the ice cream!

This day I love a sweet tooth.

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