my little poorly monkey

Yesterday my youngest and I had a really lovely day together.  We had lunch out together and afterwards had a cake which was more cream than anything else, my youngest loved it.

Today however has been a completely different story.  She has been really upset all day, won't let me anywhere near her and has refused to come out the pushchair.  She has been complaining that her neck and ears really hurt and has even said that she cannot walk.

I took her to the Dr, which showed all her vital stats are normal.  Temp, blood pressure etc and her chest is clear.  The Dr told me that he thought she was simply throwing a 2 year old tantrum and expressing her desire not to go to nursery by pretending to be ill.  He told me that there is medically nothing wrong with her.

As her Mum I disagree.  I do not think at the age of 2 she has the ability to do this for so long.  She has been off it all day and refused chocolate.  In fact the only thing she wants to eat is ice cream.  I wonder if she is getting a sore throat?

I hope she feels better tomorrow, I do not like to see her poorly

This day I love my little poorly monkey

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  1. Bless her. Trust your instincts and crank up the TLC I think x


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