Review : Little Big songs

OK I am not going to lie at first Frozen was a welcome change to the normal nursery songs but after listening to it almost on repeat for what seems like forever I needed something new for the car.  I have nothing against Frozen but there is only so much 'Let it go' I can take.

Little Big songs provided me with the welcome break.  The CD of 11 original sing along songs, look at life from a child's point of view.  The songs each tell a story, such as moving house or the foods we eat and whilst there is an educational feel to the songs they are still fun and very catchy.  The CD comes with a 16 page booklet and lyrics in case you are unsure of any of the words.

Little Big songs was written by Jerry O'Regan and the accompanying illustrations are by Peter Seal.  There are also 4 song videos available to view for free at . Both my girls [ages 4 and 2] enjoy Little Big songs and I think it has made a great change for them too to listen to something original.

youngest in careldest in car

We were sent Little Big songs to review all words are my own opinion 

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