Our new arrival

For some time we have been looking for a companion for J.  It was decided we would look for a rescue dog and we felt it better to get a younger dog for both settling in with J and the girls.  After what seemed like months of searching we came across several beautiful dogs all at the same RSPCA centre.  Last weekend we went to meet them.

We took the girls and J with us, the idea that we would let the dog choose us rather than the other way around.  After a 2 and half hour drive we arrived.  We went over the enclosure to meet the dogs.  J showed little interest in any of them and preferred the blue ball which was in the enclosure.  One of the dogs we wanted to meet had been reserved that morning, so first we met a beautiful black staffy.  She was stunning but the girls were scared of her due to her size.  If they had been older and not scared we would have had no hesitation.  

Our final dogs to meet were 12 week old puppies.  For the girls it was love at first sight.  My eldest talks non stop about spotty dogs and this was a spotty puppy.  We reserved her subject to a home check and made the 2 and half hour drive home. 

The rest of the week the girls were unsettled at night, asking when spotty dog would be coming home.  I was nervous about the home check, checking my phone and message every day.  Finally Thursday we got the call to say they would be coming on Friday.  I wasn't sure what to expect and needless to say did not sleep well that night.

Our home check was fine, no problems and even J behaved himself.  We were told we could pick her up on Sunday.  My husband made the journey first thing to pick her up and after our lunch she arrived home.  It has to be said she is certainly very confident and has made herself well known.

She is an absolute bundle of fun, chasing things and doing all things puppy.  Our little spotty dog has found her forever home.

I wanted to just say that there are lots of dogs in rescue centres and lots of them are there by no fault of their own.  There are lots that are able to be re homed with children and other pets.  I am so pleased we made the decision to give a rescue dog a home, just look how beautiful she is.

This day I love our new arrival

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  1. She is beautiful! We gave a rescue cat a home coming up to a year & he is the most amazing cat ever! Lights up a room! Wishing you many years of happy memories!

  2. She is absolutely gorgeous, does she have a name yet? X

  3. Wow she is gorgeous, so good that you got her from a rescue centre aswell.

  4. awww, adorable! and great that you rehomed from a rescue centre x

  5. Oh my goodness how cute is she? She has one of them faces that is just adorable. So nice that she is a rescue dog and going to a home where she will be loved and treated well. Thanks for linking up #GoldenOldies

  6. Oh my, she is delightful. please photo her lots and blog'em. *heart melts*


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